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"Literally the best booster i have ever had. Super chilled and funny guy. We literally had a winstreak of 15 games. He shitted on everyone with his insane Hanzo aim. If you ever want to get boosted, you should choose him if you want to have fun :). (He literally sings and all that stuff) It was oveall a great experience"

Ranked boosting
Duo Skill Rating Boost from 3610 to 4000

"Aldo (alwaysaldo) was very awesome to work with. He's very good at what he does (such a god) and I enjoyed watching him play for me as it made me learn a lot to improve my own skills. My order was huge and I appreciate him a lot for working on it all the way through. I definitely recommend this site for anyone interested in boosting their account."

Ranked boosting
Skill Rating Boost from 2145 to 3550

"The service was fantastic, my booster was awesome. The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because it took sooooo long. It took forever for them to finally finish. The communication was great however, it was just that she was busy a lot. I just wish there was a schedule or something so it didn't take forever."

Ranked boosting
Skill Rating Boost from 2194 to 2500

"Sam was honestly so kind, and had a busy weekend but still managed to provide me his time. This service is superb, they help you through the burn out of comp when you no longer can be bothered with rubbish team placements and make you so excited to get back into it again. He’s a gem. Thank you everyone "

Ranked boosting
8 Placement Games Boost

"great Service, reliable and very skilled booster who answered all my questions and helped me become a better player BUT I was unable to actually plan start times with him for Duo Que boost order, I had to basically wait around for Brock to get online every night as he didn't know when he would be available. ( it was end of the season and he was clearly under pressure with many orders so I understand, but this still a way yall could improve your service.) I think there should be some type of assistant/liaison to aid your boosters with planning,organizing and prioritizing orders and customers as the boosters job is to be amazing at the game and get SR,

SOMEONE ELSE should be the mediator between checking the customers' time zone and availability and helping the booster do what he does best (pwn scrubs and gain SR). For example, I work at 8Am PST and my booster(from EU) would get online at 3 or 4am PST,and by the time I was off work he was asleep. For things to work This meant I had to stay up till 7am my time (play games with booster from 3am to 7am) sleep for one hour and then go to work for 8 hours....I am a machine so this wasn't the end of the world.

This lack of planning lead to me falling asleep (waited and stayed up till 3am) while waiting for booster to log on and since it was end of season I ended up just giving him my account to complete my order via solo Q because I had to go to work and he was really nice so i didn't wanna hold him up why I still give 5 stars.....But . Considering Solo Boost is cheaper then Duo Q boost and the final 120 SR of my order was done via solo Q. I think I should get some money back - if you do give me anything back it will 100% be going to tip my booster.

TL;DR -(restaurant analogy) The booster has to seat his guests at the table, take their orders, pour their drinks, cook their food, serve the food say goodbye and clear the table. Doing all this for multiple tables at once. The only thing they don't handle is dropping the check and swiping their guest's credit card.

Ranked boosting
Duo Skill Rating Boost from 1850 to 2500

"The service was everything I could have asked for, was quicker than I thought it would be. My hero was much more accommodating to what I want than you would expect from this, he was willing to play only certain hero’s and the order was done only 3 days after it was placed during a really busy time for them (season just started) "

Ranked boosting
Skill Rating Boost from 2070 to 2650

"this service has always been good to me, its fast and efficient! I have received many boosts and all of them deserve 5 stars except when you get 'NoviceJedi' because he kind of dipped on me and took about 3 days to finish my order when it only really needed 1 win to get where I needed to be. the rest of the boosters I had no problems with, everyone is awesome!"

Ranked boosting
Skill Rating Boost from 3467 to 3550

"During the coaching, he talked me through some of the heroes and their roles, as well as showing me different combos for each. He talked me through how and when to use their ults. Although at first, I wasn't too impressed, the coaching over all has helped me carry games through my rank and help me find crucial mistakes in my settings and play. I definitely recommend this coaching program!"

1 hour of coaching

"Absolutely awesome. Can't thank you guys enough. The boosters were very friendly and having the vod after is incredibly helpful for improving your own sense of how to play your favourite heroes at your current bracket. It's one thing to watch a grandmaster play your hero against other grandmasters, but often lower bracket games don't look quite the same... so watching them play at your level gives you lots of useful tips. Thanks again!"

Ranked boosting
Skill Rating Boost from 1176 to 1800

"This is a wonderful service to assist in overcoming the frustrations of elo-hell. Competitive has the best games but until Blizzard cleans up the griefers and the throwers its also fraught with problems. Boostards is a good fix for returning competitive to what it should be if Blizzard were better at monitoring the community."

Ranked boosting
Skill Rating Boost from 607 to 830