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"first time using the duo queue and i must say the boosting was great, but i didn't really get to play the roles the i prefer or enjoy the most i kinda had to fill for them every time. which made duo queue a mediocre experience all in all it was still very quick but not really getting to play who i want is disappointing "

Ranked boosting
Duo Skill Rating Boost from 2402 to 2500

"Super professional service, and they started literally seconds after my payment was approved.

I purchased 18 games and they won 15 of them, and I got to see the whole thing stream. The 3 games they didn't win they were on fire almost the entire match and there was just nothing they could do, but they still tried their hardest.

Thank you guys so much!

Ranked boosting
18 Solo Games Boost


As soon as i put in my order i had a message from my booster Nicholas INSTANTLY, he was very nice and straight to the point. Asked for the access code and we were off. He kept me updated after every match and even asked if i had a hero preference. This particular booster Nicholas said he can play any hero and would flex to my needs but luckily he played both of my mains at a ridiculously high level. My order was for a 300 sr boost, he had this done in a little over an hour and a half. On top of that the customer support was outstanding, he constantly had me laughing in the chat with booster functionality and was the best experience i have EVER had with any companies customer support. Boostards is more than legit, in fact if every order is as good as this one i honestly feel i should've had to pay more. I left Nicholas a more than deserved tip. I can not recommend this site and Nicholas more, honestly no meme intended.... its a ten out of ten, would recommend.

After i had my order completed the wonderful people over at Boostards sent me a discount code for my next order, and said i could even gift it to a friend. So if any of you have a friend that says he belongs in master but is in gold, here is a perfect solution. I'm easily coming back if i manage to tank my rank or if any of my friends need to get out of a tier. Not much more can be said, use Boostards and i HIGHLY recommend you request Nicholas. There's a special place in heaven for that guy.

Ranked boosting
Skill Rating Boost from 2496 to 2800

"Ray is an amazing Booster. He took my order as soon as i was next in queue, set up a stream, recorded the entire experience, and did amazing overall. Even through watching him you could learn yourself how to play and what to play and who to play depending on the situations.

Did not even nit and pick over the last game which i miscalculated the rank, but still did it out of his generosity.

Thank you and you will surely hear from me again real soon.

All in all, fast reliable and guaranteed!

Thanks Boostards and thank YOU Ray.

Ranked boosting
Skill Rating Boost from 3052 to 3450

"I gave it some time before I wanted to leave a review because I was quite upset this time on how the process went. I understand the company was over-booked for placements. I nearly cancelled my order, but last minute they convinced me they would get the order started and allow me to watch a stream of it. but after being able to watch the boosters do what they do, understandably they will always be able to guarantee 7/10 matches. For example, my last season rank was masters, and this season the booster was queueing with bronze-plat players, basically guaranteeing a win. The games were completely one-sided. Also, the booster technically only played 9 games, because he was alt-tabbed and didnt realize the game had started. I had paid for 10 games. Because of this he had claimed he would play one match afterwards until he got a win. He never did so. Ive used this company 3 other times, all the other times were decent, but this last experience, I will never use their service again I do not believe. I would ask for a refund, but they did complete the service. Just seems a little...scummy on their part. I hope they learn from this past mistake for the future."

Ranked boosting
10 Placement Games Boost

"helped me choose when to make the proper picks, he gave me tips on routes to take/places to get high ground. helped synergize the entire team around whatever I watnted to play and we went on a win streak of 12 or 13 games that brought me from 3100 to 3540 (masters). If you get this choice go with him hes fun, its like playing the game with somebody who is competent and is just your buddy but who makes sure you NEVER lose. :D thanks again KRUSHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR :D"

Ranked boosting
14 Duo Games

"MasterJedi was very efficient with the whole process, and got the job done very quickly. He also even went out of his way to give me tips and talked with me while in his downtime between games, overall a stand up guy! I recommend this service to anybody that is wanting to get a boost. It was fast, safe and well done. "

Ranked boosting
Skill Rating Boost from 2678 to 3000

"PHENOMENAL EXPERIENCE! I wish I found them sooner and didnt have to suffer by getting stuck in ELO HELL. Seriously. I play solo queue and due to toxic players leaving mid game because they weren't able to select Soldier or Genji, there was no chance I was getting out of ELO HELL. I was stuck around the 1500-1700 comp games and those games are known for toxic players leaving constantly and just not caring about winning. HOWEVER, I found BOOSTARDS and they have definitely helped getting my ass out of ELO HELL. For my purposes, I chose their duo-queue service.

First, the customizability. You can choose whether you want them to play for you or if you prefer, choose duo-queue and they will partner with you and play with you. Also, you are given a control panel once you sign up and you can see the progress that is being made and you can also chat to your booster to schedule a time to play.

Second, the Boosters. My Booster was Ray and I would highly recommend him if he's available. He was always in communication with me when I needed to submit my availability and was very flexible with my schedule; heck, the last set he helped me with was probably around 1:00AM his time and he was ready to go the next morning at 5:00AM his time. He was able to work around my schedule with no questions asked. Thats dedication.

If you choose duo-queue, note that its an opportunity to hone your abilities as well. I was given lots of advice on how to sharpen my game during my matches and was given great feedback.

Third, you cant beat the price. There are a lot of competitors out there and I did my due diligence in researching which one worked out the best and all roads led to Boostards.

Overall, I highly recommend it. Especially with Season 3 coming to an end, its time to finalize that rank (and also prepare for those Season 4 placement matches)!

Ranked boosting
Duo Skill Rating Boost from 1711 to 2400

"Krusher69 -- I've had more than a few orders with this booster.

AMAZING gameplay, very useful coaching. He cares about the Overwatch community and makes certain people on his team are carrying their weight and helps out where needed.

Of all the boosters I've tried, Krusher69 is the most consistent, friendly, useful person so far!

DEFINITELY RECOMMEND HIM all the way to Master and beyond.

Ranked boosting
3 Duo Games