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When will we start playing?

As soon as you make your order, your booster should be in touch with you within the next 1 to 2 hours. After that you guys will be able to schedule to play whenever you want.

Can my friend join us for the duo session?

Generally, we do not allow this unless you make an order for your friend as well. Boosters may make exceptions sometimes, so feel free to ask them as long as you understand that they're not obligated to bring your friend along.

How much SR will we get per win?

That depends on your individual performance as well as the MMR of your account. Regardless, we will still get you to your goal/desired SR as long as you purchase this service, so don't worry.

What our clients say

4.94 out of 5 stars from 4573 customer reviews. Read all 6388 reviews here.

What is Overwatch boosting and how does Duo Skill Rating boost work?

We are aware that many players suffer from the toxic hell that ranked matchmaking in Overwatch is. Therefore, we decided to offer our Overwatch boosting services. To help you avoid all the trolls and DPS instalockers. We know how frustrating it is to play with such people, and we want to help you by getting you out of elo hell and into a bracket where you can have some decent games.

Our Duo Skill Rating boost service provides just that by pairing you up with a professional booster to fulfil your order and get you to your desired SR. Using our Duo boosting service, you can avoid any kind of suspicions or worries because you are essentially just playing the game together with a friend (a friend who happens to be extremely good at Overwatch). Your friends will never know, and you will never get your account suspended for it.

Overwatch Boost

About our Overwatch Duo Skill Rating boost service

We offer the guarantee of getting you to your desired SR. We basically pair you up with one of our professional boosters for your order, and you would group up with him to play out your games together until you reach your goal. We have boosters in every region, so you don’t have to worry about us finding someone suitable for you. We will also work around your playing schedule so if even you have work or school commitments, you don’t have to worry. We’ll arrange for someone to be online during your playing hours.

What happens after I make my Overwatch boosting order?

Once you have made payment, we will redirect you back to your order page where you can provide us with all the details we need to start working with you on your order. In this case, we will only need your BattleTag so we can add you and find you in-game, then schedule a time to play out your games with you.

Overwatch Boost Order Page

Over here on this page, you will have access to all our order page features which includes your order chat and a notes section to notify your booster of any important information or instructions you have for us.

Overwatch Boost Chat

Why Boosting Hero?

We've made it our life mission to serve the needs of the trolled, frustrated, and tired Overwatch players, and those who simply do not have the time to achieve the rewards they want. We talk to our customers so we understand your needs and grievances.

Not only that, but all our Heroes are well trained, professional and make it a huge point to prioritize your satisfaction, privacy, and account safety. We're experienced boosters and we know exactly what our customers want and are concerned about.

And not forgetting, of course, because the world could always use more heroes!