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How does this work?

We will first play until we get to Top 500 on your account, after which we will continue to play at least 1 game a day to maintain your Top 500 position until the end of the season.

What happens if you fail to achieve Top 500 on my account?

We limit the number of Top 500 boosting orders we take so as to ensure the highest success rate. However, if we happen to fail, we will issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

Will I be able to watch the booster play on my account?

Yes! For our Top 500 boosting service, we offer complimentary on-request streaming. Note that this is not available during the maintenance portion of your order, but the initial part where we are working our way up to Top 500.

What our clients say

5.00 out of 5 stars from 11 customer reviews. Read all 6347 reviews here.

What is Overwatch boosting and how does the Top 500 boost work?

We understand that playing Overwatch can get frustrating at times, with all the toxic trolls and team mates insta-locking DPS. Even just the fact that you don’t have the time to grind out the ranked wins.

Here’s where Boosting Hero comes into the picture with our Overwatch boosting service. We take all the frustration and variance out of the equation by boosting you out of the hellhole that is low elo games and straight to your Overwatch ranked season rewards.

Overwatch Boost

About our Top 500 boosting service

Our Top 500 boost is one of the most limited and exclusive services available on the market, as we secure you a guaranteed spot in the Overwatch Top 500 leaderboard. Therefore, we want to make your pre and post-purchase experience as smooth as possible. To get a better idea of what to expect, check out our Top 500 order demo page here, or just get in touch with us on customer support.

How to purchase

It’s simple, just give us your current skill rating and the number of competitive games you have played so far for the current season, and let us take care of the rest! We’ll be in constant contact with you through your order page, so if you need anything at any point, just let us know and we’ll be happy to oblige.

What happens after I make my Overwatch Top 500 order?

You will gain access to your Top 500 order page where you can track your order progress and chat with your booster.

Overwatch Top 500 Boost Order Page

If you would like to watch your account being played on, feel free to request a private stream from your booster. Please note that because of the nature of the service and how Top 500 works in Overwatch, we may take longer to fulfil Top 500 orders. However, we will definitely complete your order in a timely manner and before the season ends.

Overwatch Top 500 Boost Chat

Why Boosting Hero?

We've made it our life mission to serve the needs of the trolled, frustrated, and tired Overwatch players, and those who simply do not have the time to achieve the rewards they want. We talk to our customers so we understand your needs and grievances.

Not only that, but all our Heroes are well trained, professional and make it a huge point to prioritize your satisfaction, privacy, and account safety. We're experienced boosters and we know exactly what our customers want and are concerned about.

And not forgetting, of course, because the world could always use more heroes!