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"took almost 4 days...."

Ranked boosting
SR Boost from 3205 to 3600

"Not too good to be honest"

Ranked boosting
Skill Rating Boost from 4032 to 4100

"would like a refund if possible. game wasn't even close; likely would've had a better chance in solo queue"

Ranked boosting
1 Duo Game

"Booser used my unchosen hero. He sucks"

Ranked boosting
10 Placement Games Boost

"doesn't join voice chat ever and forces me to fill cause I'm the problem in the team apparently and if i dont play healer he can't carry, then doesn't carry game =)))))))))))"

Ranked boosting
5 Duo Placement Games Boost


Ranked boosting
1 Solo Game Boost

"I have had good experiences with boostards in the past but unfortunately not today. we went 2-1 in douqueue but would have been 1-2 had one of our enemies not disconnected. Normally i gain about 150 sr from 3 boost games but today I barley even ranked up at all."

Ranked boosting
3 Duo Games

"sneaky move"

Ranked boosting
7 Duo Games

"Bragging about being GM and bossing people around"

Ranked boosting
Duo Skill Rating Boost from 2978 to 3065

"I barely received any sr "

Ranked boosting
9 Duo Games