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"I gave it some time before I wanted to leave a review because I was quite upset this time on how the process went. I understand the company was over-booked for placements. I nearly cancelled my order, but last minute they convinced me they would get the order started and allow me to watch a stream of it. but after being able to watch the boosters do what they do, understandably they will always be able to guarantee 7/10 matches. For example, my last season rank was masters, and this season the booster was queueing with bronze-plat players, basically guaranteeing a win. The games were completely one-sided. Also, the booster technically only played 9 games, because he was alt-tabbed and didnt realize the game had started. I had paid for 10 games. Because of this he had claimed he would play one match afterwards until he got a win. He never did so. Ive used this company 3 other times, all the other times were decent, but this last experience, I will never use their service again I do not believe. I would ask for a refund, but they did complete the service. Just seems a little...scummy on their part. I hope they learn from this past mistake for the future."

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